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Conveying your personal imprint through refined, enduring design.

As a designer, my greatest privilege is guiding our valued clients to their fully realized home while transcending expectations. Many have come to us unable to translate what it is they are looking for while others have an exacting sense of style. All have entrusted us to discover who they are, uncover how their home can best support their lifestyle, and create the tangible version of themselves in a personally tailored home.

Recognized for providing highly personalized design solutions, we approach all projects with a philosophy that great design begins with open dialogue and a commitment to high standards. With attuned interior architecture and design expertise, enthusiasm for the process, and an eye for detail, each interior is transformed with the utmost care and personal attention. 

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Colleen Farrell

Founder, CEO

Interior design and architecture have been my compass for as long as I can remember. As a child, I was keenly aware of how beautiful, functional spaces enhanced my wellbeing. My father’s drafting table opened a miraculous new world to me. I realized I could translate what I envisioned into reality. This realization ignited an enduring passion in me to create environments that embrace and enhance wellbeing. 

“Colleen guides with a gentle but confidant hand. Every project she has spearheaded has been beautiful beyond what I anticipated.” - E.A., Bloomfield Hills MI



Jesse Smith

Interior Design Assistant

Jesse’s passion for design and radiant smile are contagious. Despite being an old soul, he brings youthful energy and fresh perspective to our projects. This burgeoning interior designer finds inspiration while binging “The Crown” and traveling rural Africa. 

Rachalle Litvin

Procurement & Logistics

Rachalle is a stickler for detail and loves to catch an error. She manages our ordering and installation process on point and on target. Her sharp eye and attention to detail have made this studied interior designer vital to our team. 

Exceptional design for your lifestyle.

“High-touch, warm and talented professionals. Colleen Farrell is a highly skilled interior designer who provides continued exceptional and detailed care for all of our homes. No detail is overlooked and we are overjoyed!” - J.B., Warwick RI 



A home designed by Colleen Farrell Design has an effortless appeal that supports the daily functions of life with a unique personality that makes it truly your own. We maintain decades long meaningful relationships with our clients as their lifestyles evolve and we thoroughly understand the complexities of designing for each stage of life. As my life evolved from newlywed, naively striving to meet the Martha Stewart Living standards, to raising a young family and watching them head off to college, to finding our footing as empty nesters with aging parents, our home evolves with our lifestyle changes. These experiences along with many unique requirements and opportunities clients brought to us through the years have enhanced how we design for graceful living throughout life with respect and confidentiality.   

National in scope, this award-winning design firm creates residential and commercial interiors. Projects include a broad range of environments from traditional to modern, urban to coastal, and historical to emerging properties. Whether developing plans for a new custom home or working within the confines of an existing space, we are poised to provide detailed design services in all aspects of the design process. With over thirty years' experience, Colleen Farrell Design provides access to a network of proven talent, top trade resources, and experts in the field. With attuned interior architecture and design expertise, enthusiasm for the process, and an eye for detail, each interior is transformed with the utmost care and personal attention.  


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